“Ride on” means to keep going no matter what life throws at you – to choose your own path even if its a path you must create.  It symbolizes perseverance through the lens of Biker artists. It opens up the audience to reconsider a previously “hard” and tight-knit community into a group of people that put in the work - just like everyone else.


Director: Ameya 
Creative Director: Mike Sunda 
Production Manager: Aime Okamoto 
Production Coordinator: Joshua Helius 
Director of Photography: Sam King 
1st AC: Yuji Suzuki 
Photographer: Steve Gaudin 
Stylist: Dai Ishii 
Lighting Chief: Curtis “Ces” Shaw 
Sound: Skirmantas “Spider” Ivanauskas
Drone: Steve Gaudin 
Editor/ Color-grader: Victor Ivanov